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My latest contribution to Shrimpton Couture / Curate


Here are some photos of Lindsay Lohan from the May issue of Kode. In an interview with the magazine, Lindsay talked about being completely sober, previously dating a married man with kids, thinking that Jennifer Lawrence is “so fake”, her sex list, auditioning for new roles, her outlook on life, working with Oprah Winfrey on her reality series Lindsay, and everything she hates about Hollywood. Good Lord, I really hope homegirl gets her shit together! She needs to stop talking smack!


Morphing experiment.


Morphing experiment.

Como Assim Vanessa completou 4 anos hoje!


Can’t get enough art history? We have two new courses starting next week. Check out “Art and Design: What’s the Difference?" and "Art and Ethics: 1900–Present.”

Proust” Armchair; designed 1978, made 1998–99; designed by Alessandro Mendini, made by Atelier Mendini

Como Assim, Vanessa? completou 4 anos hoje! =)


Áries: o barulhento e espaçoso que possivelmente vai causar barraco.


Touro: o teimoso que diz que não tá bêbado e fica fazendo o rico.


Gêmeos: o que fica amigo da galera até cair de bêbado.


Câncer: aquele que vai grudar nos outros a noite inteira.


Leão: o que chega…


Princesas da Disney recriadas como personagens de Game of Thrones


Derek Paul Boyle (CA based artist)


Mamiya RZ 67 Pro II | Fuji Pro 160NS

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Here are some photos of Matthew McConaughey from the latest issue of Variety. In an interview with the magazine, Matthew talked about dieting for his role as Ron Woodroof in Dallas Buyers Club, focusing more on his family, feeling nervous about taking a temporary hiatus from Hollywood, and that he still enjoys making romantic comedy films even though he knows they get predictable at times. Damn the man ages well, doesn’t he?! Looking forward to seeing Matt winning all the awards for his new flick!